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Happy #InternationalWomensDay – Here is a powerful poem for all women: “She is Woman”

Written by Victor Nedu

Born with a distinct purpose

Weaned with huge expectations

Rumored wrongly to be the weaker one

Strong enough to bear another life

Powerfully equipped to raise a nation

The backbone behind every success story.


Her heart is an outstanding treasure

Her mind is a wisdom filled library

Her lips raise mountains

Her bosom bears the weight of the world

Her courage rises at every attempt to intimidate her

Her joy streams from her sacrifice for others


Power is not given to her, she takes it

Fearless in the face of adversity, she strides

Love is her entire existence

With a wild imagination, her love stems from admiration

Awe and admiration of the beauty she carries ceases to overwhelm me

Her simple glance, beautiful smile and admonishing words are priceless.


Her scars are hidden from the eyes

Borne from numerous struggles she has had to face

A fiery warrior in all ramifications

Welcoming to all visitors, both good and evil

With arms wide open, she exposes her vulnerability without care

Cos her actions are judged by her heart.


Smart enough to imagine the divine in her image and likeness

Proud of her body’s rhythm and cycles as a supreme entity

Stubborn much to march to the beats of her own needs and that of her young

Dogmatically listening to the wise voice from within

Equipped to bear the weights and worries of loved ones

Exuding exquisite tenderness and grace in all manners.


For the women who died while protecting their beliefs

For the women who shook the world at its foundations

For the women who sacrificed their pride to feed their families

For the women who ignored the sexism and overtook the men

For the women,  whose smiles made our hearts warm.


She is a WOMAN

Radiating in all her glory

All colors, shapes and sizes

Spectacular, Strong and Independent

Soft-hearted, Witty and Vulnerable

One of the many reasons I adore HER.


Happy International Women’s Day.


Feature image: IB Times

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