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Poetry: Heart’s dew

Written by Victor Nedu

I felt I couldn’t do it
Then, your reassuring words filled my ears
I looked into my heart
Left the negativity behind
You didn’t care about my past
Spiced up my life and ignored the price
Through it all, you promised to be there
I want to be there for you
Armed with an arsenal of benign amorous gestures

I made a wish today
But you already knew my wish
I asked for you
But you were already here
Diamonds and rubies are forever
But our love is ubiquitously enough too sustain us for eternity
In this moment, I am sure that I love you
When I sing to you, remember that my heart is melted under vigorous heat,
And poured out to you.

I was on my knees last night and I prayed that if there’s a height so high,
Grace be placed on my shoulders
We’d fly over the tallest walls of China

You’re my friend, the original bone of my bone,
You’re my blood

I’ve made mistakes,
You tried to correct me, even in wrong ways
But you still love me,
My eternal quarelling championship trophy.

My assurance in us is because of our bond
Bonds so numerous, thoughts of them drive me bunkers,
A bond more diverse than friendship
An abstract one which can only be felt

A bond so powerful, swords can’t cut through,
A bond needless of understanding and lack of boundaries,
One bond that binds our hearts together,
A bond of intense passion and addictive love,
My heart beats fast as our breathe goes deeper

To my Morning Dew, Ije.


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