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#IsBuhariDead? Nigerians need to know where their president is

PRESIDENT BUHARI RETURNS. 14C President Muhammadu Buhari Returns to abuja. PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE. MAR 10 2017.
Written by Zara K

President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria about 45 days ago to resume treatment for an undisclosed illness. How ridiculous is it that several of the aides who accompanied him to London are now not in touch with him. Reports even say that some of them were ordered to return to Nigeria. Nobody is can even speak with certainty regarding when he will return to the country.

Nigerians are not dumb! I don’t understand why the president and his gang are playing games. We have a right to know what exactly is going on. He cannot continue to fund his healthcare with taxpayers money and not even have the courtesy to explain what is actually going on.

After he got back from London the last time, Buhari was rarely seen in public and even stopped attending the weekly FEC altogether. To continue to feign good health, members of his gang would surround him during his mosque visits on Fridays so as to generate sentiments.


He left for the UK on May 7th after meeting with some Chibok girls who had been released the previous day by Boko Haram. Even though the president spoke at the event, his voice was hardly audible. He had even lost so much weight.

SaharaReporters reports:

It has now been learned that President Buhari has not spoken to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo by telephone since his departure. Only last week, the Acting President was asked to await a phone call from Mr. Buhari but when a call eventually came in, nothing coherent was heard from Mr. Buhari, despite the cabal having kept telling people of his “tremendous” improvement.

The cabal is also reportedly behind the rumors of a possible coup by some military officers a couple of weeks ago, as well as the recent quit notice by some Northern youths to the Igbos in that area, which they figured would make western countries view such an attempt with understanding if they thought the action would protect Nigeria as an indivisible entity.

Meanwhile, several top Western diplomats including the Ambassadors of the US and the UK, are scheduled to meet with Acting President Osinbajo in the coming days. It is unclear if at that meeting the UK will brief Osinbajo regarding Buhari’s exact condition, but a State Department official told Saharareporters that they are more concerned about Nigeria’s indivisibility than the question of Buhari’s health. A source at the British Embassy told this website they don’t think Buhari could continue to govern in the condition he is in London.


Young Nigerians on social media are understandably upset and frustrated. Why won’t anyone speak to us? Why can’t they tell us where he is?

What do you think about this whole mess? Are frustrated by the fact that no one is communicating with Nigerians about what is going on or do you think that we should “exercise some patience”???

Let us know!

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