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It looks like History will be reintroduced into the Nigerian curriculum

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According to reports, the National Council on Education (NEC) has approved the reintroduction of History into the curriculum for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, the Chief Executive of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) made the announcement about the NCE’s decision in a briefing in Abuja.

He also noted that the re-introduction of History was agreed on at a meeting in Kano State.

According to Ajiboye, the TRCN has registered 1.8 million teachers.

He also said that the council will conduct a Professional Qualifying Examination for about 15,000 teachers in October.

Ajiboye added that there is still a shortage of qualified teachers for the country’s 170m population.

The TRCN boss also said: “We were aware of the issues regarding Religious Studies in the present curriculum, which were recently resolved. But, as the government said, the decision to join the religious subjects was reached during the previous administration.

“The NCE held a meeting last week in Kano State where it also agreed that History should be re-introduced into the curriculum.

“At the TRCN, we have also taken measures to eliminate quacks among our teachers. The council successfully distributed Teachers Bio-data forms to the 774 Local Government Areas of the country. The Bio-data will help to know the numbers of subject teachers and where they are located across the country and this will address the disproportionate distribution of teachers.”

“Within a year, we registered an additional 130,645 teachers to bring a total of registered teachers to 1.8million. We also inducted 29,381 teachers at the point of their graduation,” Ajiboye said.


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