No NEPA, no problem: Here are 8 ways to cope when it’s too hot to sleep

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We all know the process…you’re about to get some good sleep with the air conditioner when you experience a total blackout. NEPA has struck again. Suddenly, the room gets too hot, and you’re not about to put on the generator because …recession. There are few things worse than trying to get some sleep in a hot and sticky room.  So how can you turn this uncomfortable experience into a good night’s sleep?

  • Get a rechargeable mist fan or a dehumidifier: Damp heat is horrible but a mist fan or a dehumidifier takes all of that out of the room. When a room is humid, it becomes hard for the body to cool itself down, and thus, makes your situation worse than it already is.


  • Ditch the sexy silk or satin or polyester sheets: This is not the time to be sexy. There’s no light! Lol. Go for cotton sheets instead.


  • Take a cold shower before bed: It’ll help you regulate your body temperature which will, in turn, make you feel better.


  • Or do a cold water dab on your skin with a cold towel and let the fan or mist fan dry you up.


  • Say no to cuddling: Sleeping alone is way better for you when the night heat comes. Cuddling increases body heat which makes the bed sweaty and sticky. If you share a bed with bae, try keeping some space between both of you.


  • A glass of cold water will also help to regulate your temperature from the inside. Sweating at night also means you’ll lose some fluid from your body so drink some water before bed so you can avoid being dehydrated.


  • Sleep naked: This is pretty much self-explanatory.


  • Or do Egyptian method: This method requires either a bed sheet or a towel that is big enough to cover your body. Soak the sheet in water, then put it in the washing machine on spin cycle or squeeze it really hard until there’s no dripping. Cover yourself with the damp sheet when you go to sleep. This will keep you cool through latent heat



Do you have any other methods you use to keep cool on a hot night? Tell us!



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