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Dear Skeleton

Written by Rasheed Otegbola

Dear Skeleton,

I’ve dedicated my wardrobe to you
With my fancy robes and corduroy pants
The cockroaches will keep you company
Gnarl at them if they nimble at your dry mass
It’s how I’ll make peace with you.

Did I tell you I went to confession?
Yes, I told the priest everything.
The terrible things we did to ourselves
How you ended up in my wardrobe
And forever snatched my peace of mind.
Although, I couldn’t told him we were in love.

I hope to find peace tonight and forever
I desire a dreamless night
Absent of your moans of pleasure
Or gasps and shrill cry of terror
On those distant pasts we hurt each-other.
Leave those terrible pasts out of my dreams.

I may just bury my wardrobe
Perhaps with the skeleton
And the nice robes and cockroaches
And pluck my confession off the priest’s chest
There may be more skeletons that way
But I’ll always keep extra wardrobes.


Photo: Sing Viral

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Rasheed Otegbola

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