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Short Story: Blood

Written by Victor Nedu

The doors were shut tight. Streaming beads of sweat dripped treacherously down her forehead, down her neck settling on her bare chest. This nightmare had to end before it could even start. Shola and Mary were nowhere to be found, her purse had disappeared in the process of jetting off for her dear life. What hell – hole was she trapped in? She thought to herself. It seemed like the night was the longest in the week.

The phone battery was dead, regrets filled her mind as she pondered over her choice of purchasing an expensive phone with a weak battery. Curled up and frustrated, she sought a nice place to lay her head. This place was not the safest even with the doors shut tight. But it was way better than the dorm of carcass she had run away from. The night had started with her peacefully enjoying a meal of moin-moin and soaked garri with granulated sugar, into one horrific night that would leave a deep scar.

The Anatomy lecturer had walked into class dishing out his awesomely boring lecture to the entire class, Anu was so pleased to be seating at the extreme corner – far from the scene of extreme depression that was displayed across the faces of the gloomy-looking classmates. Shola and Mary were her friends for a reason; keeping class hours alive. The need to be in the class was solely for one reason – the much needed attendance. Her two butterflies kept her from losing her mind at the engaging lectures. She had her computer and textbooks to rely on so passing her exams were not really an issue for the smart ass chic.

In her orange gown , she was definitely a vision to behold. One vision that the preying eyes of Eze Johnson could clearly see.

“What colour would go better with this skirt, Anu?” Mary was determined to involve her friend in the decision-making on what to wear to the fresher’s party which Anu had already lost all interest in – considering the number of ridiculous ill-minded classmates of hers that would be present at the party. Her two friends thought otherwise. She was diving through her freshly-made dinner when Shola pounced on her back and pleaded with her to join them as the fun wouldn’t be complete without her. After a series of convincing arguments made by the argumentative Shola, it was settled. And thus began the episode of one horrible night.

The party turned out to be more fun than she expected and every dude around knew better than to approach her for a dance or even to start up a discussion. The party felt right but she could sense something wrong with the atmosphere. Times like this made her hate her psychic intuitions. Mary had been gone too long. Shola was right beside her.

After all the malt she had, nature called. She strolled to the bathroom and she chuckled at the sight of her classmates being cajoled hilariously by some senior students. For some reason, she found the idea funny knowing fully well that the end game was sex. The toilet was empty which was a bit scary to start with.

The only time she went to the toilet empty was in the female hostel. Otherwise, she always went with a friend. This time, however, Mary was gone for a long while and Shola had to watch their bags. Stepping into the stalls, she met a bizarre sight – one that would murder her own humanity for the next few hours.



It was indeed a good idea dragging Anu to the party, Mary thought to herself. At least she didn’t have to face Eze alone after all his pestering for the past three weeks. How could one guy be so persistent in chasing one girl and yet repeat the year. The thought of it pissed her off – the transferred energy to vanity and chasing girls instead of concentrating on education. His good looks were undeniably visible but he had no brains to back them up. Mary had bitten the tiger’s tail the day before telling him all her thoughts to his face when asked to come to around his private apartment before heading out for the freshers’ party. The intentions were boldly written in the clear skies.

The party was fun. The mood was right. A little bit of alcohol, she thought to herself would do no harm. So she had her own fill of the spiked drink served at the party. Soon, the number of cups increased from two to four and an hour later, her bowels were screaming for help. The toilets beckoned slowly and obedience was key. Anu and Shola were having fun too, so she quickly took her leave.

Stepping right into the first stall she came across was her mistake. After easing herself and dressing up properly, two hands grabbed and tugged at her arms and shoulders. He stood right before her in all his glory, carefully assessing the prey and licking his lips for he knew the meal was going to be extremely delicious.

Ripping her two piece skirt carefully like a psychopath, he smiled gently at her, informing her that if it was her first time, she was going to have a tough time as he had no experience going pretty slow. One of his cohorts placed his hands over her lips and forced them close. Her legs were forcefully wide-spread like butter across bread. The trousers dropped and she closed her eyes and prayed hard that some miracle would happen – that someone, anyone, would walk in that moment. All her wishes seemed futile when she felt him bursting through her walls at the first thrust and heard his moans. The next few minutes were fast and rough. Her loins were in terrible pain and when he was done, he zipped up and beckoned his friends as they left her in the stall with the blood stains on the toilet floor and walked out quietly. She blanked out in that moment. The next sound that brought her back to the painful reality were Anu’s screams.

Anu quickly moved her friend to a safe place. The hot-headed beauty, without pondering or asking her friend to point out the wrong-doer, went straight to where Eze was seated and descended on his light skinned face with two slaps that caused the disc jockey to stop playing. The party organisers rushed in to see the reason for the instant brawl only to be welcomed by the sight of a poorly and disheveled looking Mary.

Anu had gone halfway through the curse words in the English dictionary when Eze couldn’t take the insults anymore and almost lashed out a blow on her pointed nose but was held back by his friends. Meanwhile, the owner of the hotel had noticed the situation and called the nearest police station and ambulance. It wasn’t long before sirens were heard. Her parents would confine her to solitary imprisonment.

Anu thought to herself, and in that moment. Adrenaline kicked in and she disappeared not knowing where to flee to. She knew that her friend was in deep trouble but the drive to disappear was so intense. She kept running, just like everyone. But instead of running towards the gate (the incoming police van and ambulance van), she smartly ran in an opposite direction.

Finally ending up in an uncompleted building which was being renovated the hotel, she rushed in and locked herself behind one of the doors. It was terrible when the tension had reduced as she re-lived the thought of her best friend lying helplessly on the floor, legs wide open, and the blood everywhere. The tears couldn’t be held back. If only she had listened to herself and convinced her two friends to ignore the party, they would have been sleeping in their rooms, on their spinal cord destructing bunks – a condition way better than the one she was stuck in currently.

Mornings were her worst time of every normal week day as she was reminded of getting to class every morning but in this moment, the morning was definitely a blessing in disguise and by first light, her next step of flight would be determined. Her heavy eyelids closed due to the stress and tension.

Lights out.



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