The savage of inflight entertainment

Written by Walter Akpedeye

The savage of in-flight entertainment describes a savage as someone that knows when to fight or retreat. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to visit other destinations via the in-flight entertainment service. Traveling around the world in 24 hours on my connecting flights to California helped me rediscover what I already know: savage is as savage does.


Planet Earth Series, a must watch

David Attenborough‘s Planet Earth II series is a new must watch for me. From the Galápagos Islands that aren’t always habitable, to the savage jungles of Madagascar. To the Himalayas mountains where the weather conditions can drastically change in a matter of days. The documentary shows us epic droughts in a deep canyon. It shows fields with billions of locusts trampling the land after thousands of pounds of rainfall drench the soil.

Savagery is required to survive in the animal kingdom of Earth.


Fastball Savage

Nolan Ryan prepares a savage pitch.

Nolan Ryan in training for the Texas Rangers.

The second thing I watched on my flight was “Fastball”, a documentary on the fastest pitchers in baseball history. Watch documentary for $3.99 on Youtube.

Nolan Ryan is an agreeable savage and possibly the best pitcher that hit the mound. In comparison, even though speed tests that were done in the past used different measuring parameters, experts believe him to have the fastest fastball ever pitched at an educated guesstimate of 108.7 mph – click link for a nice reddit thread.


The Answer

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers family. Dribbled MJ into submission, savage.

Allen Iverson left teary eyed as he is inducted into the NBA hall of fame.
Photograph: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Allen Iverson, ‘The Answer’ is yet another savage that stands out from my Lagos flight to Dubai. I heard of stories of the racism he endured but the truth is worse than I initially understood. His was a situation where a man was targeted because of who he was–a young talented black man. The court saw it fitting to wait until he turned eighteen to try him as an adult for a crime he didn’t commit. His enamoring talent led to him being railroaded and sentenced to serve time in prison for a petty offense. They gave him the maximum sentence of 5 years due to abject jealousy.


Emotions of an immigrant

Immigrants that built a nation are now being back-bitten.

Immigrants show their love for the nation that made them feel at home.

Dealing with a flood of emotions I am on the brink of crying. From immigrants’ random searches to the travel ban denial that is being battled by Trump, my trip to what the American President calls a “haven for immigrants” is bound to be exciting. Racism in America and the world makes for a perilous time to be black in America.


Float like a butterfly, Kill like Ali

Mohammed Ali fist and padlock makes for savage imagery.

Gripping photo of Mohammed Ali.
Photograph: Bob Thomas/Getty Images

I feel like Muhammad Ali in his prime as he heads to prison for being unpatriotic. I feel discriminated against like Dalton Trumbo, the Hollywood writer and director, targeted  and jailed by his country for his political beliefs as a communist. At times I identify with Allen Iverson’s struggle to just be a guy that knows how to play basketball.


Discrimination and Dragons

Comodo savage.

Comodo Dragon stalking its prey. Look at those guns.

Despite all these emotions of discrimination, I identify most with my real life brother and savage, the Grizzly bear. They camp in the mountains and only come out to graze and mate in the spring when conditions are fair. The snow leopard really showed me what it means to live a life of isolation and sacrifice.

Some predators like the Comodo dragon can spend a whole month hunting a single prey and survive off only that kill. The most intriguing animal to me is the tiny, transparent frog whose name I can’t quite recall but over its life will protect hundreds of its kids from wasps and other insects that try to eat its eggs. It does this through guise and sheer will.


The Power of Flight

Draco Lizard takes savage flight

Draco Lizard escaping from danger.

But in terms of flight rather than fight, we need to give a massive shout out to the Draco lizard. This marvel of a creature resides in the jungles of Madagascar. When a Draco lizard has to move from one tree to another due to a larger Draco lizard already owning that tree and the prey that reside on it, it does so magnificently. It is one of the most beautiful and unexpected things you will see.

The animal kingdom is about survival of the fittest. Sometimes it’s less about fighting and more about being able to escape from rough situations. It is very important to know which instance to do either in a world of survival and dominance.


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