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There are over 200 applications for new private universities in Nigeria!

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Written by Zara K

Reports say that the National Universities Commission (NUC) is now processing more than 200 applications for new private universities in Nigeria. Why do we need more universities instead of just maintaining the ones we have? You might ask…

Well, it’s probably because there are only 153 universities to serve our current population of over 150 million people.

Abubakar Rasheed, the Executive Secretary of the Commission, announced the applications during a meeting with federal universities’ bursars in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said that “the university system is growing” and private universities including federal and state universities can no longer cope with the large numbers of applications.

He added: “Nigeria has 153 universities, 40 are federal universities, 45 are state owned universities and 68 are private universities presently in the country.”

A professor from the University of Calabar, Christine Ikpeme, also said to Premium Times: “Some private universities engage in sharp practices whereby they ‘rent’ lecturers from other institutions during accreditation processes. This is not ideal.”

Ipkeme also added: “NUC does not pay unscheduled visits to these universities so it is easy for them to get away with such practices.”

“NUC is concerned about the sanctity, quality, and integrity of degrees acquired by the students,” the executive secretary, Mr Rasheed, promised.

Just a little while ago, the NUC approved the 153rd university known as the Moshood Abiola University of Technology.




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