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These are the things you need to stop saying to your newly married friends

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Written by Metrolife234

It starts from the moment they get engaged. People come up with all sorts of advice and opinions. It’s so weird. People tell you “never go to bed angry” or “make sure you have children immediately”. So intrusive.

If you’re one of those people, you need to stop. Wish them well and move on. There are a lot of annoying things you could say to a newlywed but these are the most annoying:


  • “Oh, you think this is stress? Wait until you have kids!”

Seriously???? There’s no need to push such negative thoughts to someone who just got married. How are you in any way providing positivity and hope for them? While it is true that kids are a handful, saying negative things like this does not do any one any good.


  • “Oh just wait and see!”

Every marriage will have trials but that does not mean that you should dampen newly wedded bliss, by telling them that it gets worse. If there will be rough times, it is something that they’ll find out on their own. While you’re predicting sorrow and doom, you’re doing nothing to help the avoid trouble, anyway. You’re only stirring fear and doubt. It is not necessary at all.


  • Soooo, what’s next? Kids? A new house?

It really isn’t your business when a couple decides to have kids. It is also not your business to know if or when they will buy a new house. They just got married. This is the time for them to get to know each other more and spend quality time together. Asking people when they plan to have children isn’t polite, anyway. Enough said.


  • “Ah! You’ve added!”

This is Nigerian English for telling someone that they’ve gained weight. It is not proper to joke about anyone’s weight. It is true that many couples usually gain weight after they get married. They are no longer stressed or running around for the wedding plans. They are enjoying more home-cooked meals, and they enjoy staying in together. It happens. Get over it. It is not the time for you to point it out or make it a point of discussion.



  • “FINALLY!”

Seriously, there’s no need to tell someone: “Thank goodness you finally found someone.” As if there were some kind of deadline. Find a way to express your happiness for your friend without making it look like he/she was some loser waiting for someone to come around.



What are some of the annoying things people said or did to you as a newlywed? Let us know!




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